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            Once the motive for the heiress’ murder is uncovered and the complete story revealed, the prosecuting attorneys, Stuart Locke and Joey Aldrich, and the defending attorney, Paula, find themselves at an impasse.  Although they know the defendants are guilty, the circumstances surrounding the murder are confounding.  Confronted with the impossible task of determining not only the appropriate justice to be rendered but also the punishment, no solution ensues.  When one of the perpetrators makes an offhand remark, Paula seizes the unexpected opportunity presented and life changing decisions for the defendants results.  At just the right time, the defending attorney makes the remark known to the Prosecuting Attorneys without violating attorney/client privilege.  A plea agreement is reached before a jury verdict, an expected verdict of premeditated murder or a hung jury can be rendered.  Seeing either possibility, the trial judge, anxious to avoid the problems that will certainly surface because of either potential appeals or a hung jury, agrees to the plea arrangement.  An unorthodox sentencing occurs that astounds everyone.  When the defendants begin serving their sentences, life changing opportunities are presented that will forever change the defendants’ lives, despite all the wrongs that were finally disclosed that precipitated the murder. 



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